"Border fence cannot solve migrant issue"

Building a fence along the Hungarian-Serbian border cannot stop the wave of illegal immigrants, but only slow it down, Rados Djurovic said on Wednesday.

Source: B92, Tanjug

The executive director of Serbia's Asylum Protection Center commented on Hungary's announcement it would build a 4-meter-tall fence "to stem the flow of illegal migrants."

"That cannot solve the problem, it can only slow down the inflow of migrants and keep them longer in the border area, but it cannot stop all those who escaped violence to save their lives," Djurovic told TV B92.

Asked if he expects the migration routes to change, Djurovic said that the people smuggling can be expected to intensify and become more widespread.

Djurovic stressed that fencing off the border goes against the fundamental principles of the EU, primarily the freedom of movement.


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