Russia backs Serbia "whenever it takes clear stand"

Russia has always supported Serbia when it clearly expressed its position, and has always defended its security and sovereignty, says Alexei Pushkov.

Source: Politika, Tanjug

"Whenever Serbia expressed a clear position, Russia has supported it," the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation's State Duma, who was visiting Belgrade this week, told the daily Politika in an interview.

He was responding to the question of whether his country would veto the announced British resolution on Srebrenica.

According to Pushkov, "that project is primarily a way to pressure Serbia, which refuses to impose sanctions on Russia."

"My guess is that the resolution is a form in which to send a signal to Serbia about the utmost dissatisfaction of some Western circles. Also, it is an attempt to adversely affect relations between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, that is, to confront Belgrade and Muslims in the Balkans. The third reason is to once again confirm the correctness of the (1999) NATO aggression against Yugoslavia. If it is said that (Srebrenica) was genocide - and it was not - then that also justifies the Western aggression and separation of Kosovo," said Pushkov.

Regarding Russia's planned Turkish Stream pipeline, this official said it was "at this point early to say whether it will go through Serbia," adding that the most important thing now was for the project to succeed "at the level of Russia and Turkey."

Pushkov noted that Russian and Turkish presidents recently met in Baku to discuss the pipeline behind closed doors.

"I think that Ankara will not give up on the Turkish stream, because it gives it much more political and economic weight in the Middle East and in Southern Europe, so Turkish Stream could continue in the form of a gas distribution network through Europe, including Serbia," Pushkov said.


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