Hahn: Serbia anchor of stability in region

Serbia is an anchor of stability in the Western Balkan region, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Negotiations and Neighborhood Johannes Hahn said on Sunday.

Source: Tanjug

Speaking at the European Forum Wachau, Hahn noted that the Balkans is on the path of stabilization, particularly thanking Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic for his contribution to stability in the entire region.

"Serbia is an anchor in the region and has a relevance that is bigger than the country itself," Hahn noted, adding that the path Serbia chooses towards a pro-European future is therefore important as well.

The Western Balkans will be fully stabilized once all its countries become EU members, Hahn said, adding that this will take time as the countries must be brought closer to the Union.

There is no halting the enlargement process, and it must be understood as a process of those countries' accession to the EU in the social, economic and legal sense, Hahn said.

Commenting on Serbia's decision not to participation in the EU sanctions against Russia, he said that he "understands that a country that was bombed by the West 16 years ago has not gone that route."

"I have understanding for the fact that things in society are still not at that level and that the political elite must tread cautiously," Hahn said.


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