SNS official "ready to become provincial prime minister"

The SNS is "completely ready for the provincial and local elections and is practically in the election campaign already," says SNS deputy leader Igor Mirovic.

Source: Danas, Tanjug

This is the case "although the campaign is expected to officially enter its closing stage in the fall and winter," Tanjug quoted him as saying.

The Democratic Party (DS) is in power on the provincial level in Vojvodina, while it is in opposition in the national assembly, where the Progressives (SNS), led by Aleksandar Vucic, have the majority.

In an interview to the Belgrade-based Danas daily, Mirovic noted that it is already clear that the SNS will run in the elections in a coalition with the parties that were on its electoral list for the parliamentary elections (Rasim Ljajic's Social Democratic Party of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin's Movement of Socialists and several smaller parties).

He said that the decision on the candidate for the office of the Vojvodina prime minister is to be taken by the party and that he is ready to become the new provincial prime minister, but that he first needs to defeat an experienced rival - Bojan Pajtic of the Democratic Party - in the elections.

Asked whether he feels that the fact that Pajtic and the Democrats have not been replaced is a failure of the Progressives, Mirovic responded that the SNS has done everything to present to the citizens the truth about the actual situation and the political life in Vojvodina.

"In a few months, the citizens will make the final judgement in the elections and once we have won, we will select a team capable of halting the demise of Vojvodina," Mirovic said.


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