Dacic: Serbia has chosen path of neutrality

Each country has its own national interests "and must respect others' wishes to join international institutions, political or military," says Ivica Dacic.

Source: Tanjug

Serbia, the foreign minister added in an interview for Italy's Nova news agency, has chosen the path of neutrality.

"Serbia has chosen the path of neutrality which in a way constitutes the continuation of the policy maintained by the former Yugoslavia, which means that we were never a member of military blocks and we are not one now either," Dacic stated, speaking on margins of a forum held in Budva, Montenegro, last week.

He was in this responding to President of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro Savo Kentera who said that Serbia would "sooner or later have to abandon the position of neutrality and access NATO."

Dacic underscored that Serbia wishes to be a factor of stability in the Balkans and preserve good relations with all international structures, having in mind the importance of NATO as a factor of stability and security in Kosovo and with respect to the fact that NATO is one of the guarantors of realization of the Brussels agreement.

Speaking at the forum, Dacic said that "Montenegro is free to take NATO's 29th chair, as Serbia will take that same chair in the EU."


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