Gas and Serbia: Is Moscow worried, what does U.S. say

The prime minister says solutions are sought in the interest of citizens, not of great powers, while the presidency says "Moscow doesn't mind."

Source: B92

The foreign minister says that there has been "enough romantic dreams."

Can Serbia resist pressures from great powers in the energy sector? This question has been posed for a long time. The prime minister believes it can. The intention of Serbia to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, by joining the gas pipeline from Azerbaijan which has the backing of the U.S., does not mean turning its back to Russia, but concern for the citizens of Serbia.

"If someone thinks that I should swear to someone and say 'we love you the most in the world, so we will from you...' I swore on the Constitution, I swore before the flag and I am responsible to citizens, and not to any other force," said Vucic.

The new energy policy, but also the prime minister's trip to the U.S., Moscow will not mind, claims advisor of the Serbian president Ivan Mrkic.

"We would feel it, we would know it, some Russian representative, even at a lower level, would say something. We never heard anything. We are not guided by anyone's reactions, but only by our own assessments and interests and it meet with understanding and approval. We have no worries," Mrkic told B92.

It is clear that Serbia has friends in the East and the West, said U.S. Ambassador Michael Kirby. On Wednesday, when Vucic meets with U.S. Vice President Biden, there will also be unpleasant topics for Serbia, such as the murder of the Bytyqi brothers.

"It is always a topic, Mr. Vucic knows that, Mr. Dacic knew it as well. Also, the burning of our embassy in 2008 is a topic, no one has been convicted for it. We have a lot of topics, there is energy, your path towards the EU, Kosovo, cooperation between the two armies," said Kirby.

In such an atmosphere the first Serbian Diplomacy Day has been marked, with a clear message that the future is in the European Union.

"We cannot afford romantic dreams to be the East's West, the West's East," said Dacic.

Serbia needs to maintain relations with the whole world, to be respected by everyone, but feared by no one, was the message of the minister of foreign affairs.


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