PM "doesn't know what to expect" from platform

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday said he "does not what he can expect" from President Tomislav Nikolic's announced Kosovo platform.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

Nikolic said this week that he would send a draft of the platform to Vucic and the government after the upcoming May 1 Labor Day holiday.

Vucic added that Nikolic "knows about everything that is asked of Serbia on the road toward the European Union," and that he "does not hide what is talked about with the EU," noting that "the topic is always Kosovo."

The prime minister stated that "the formation of a community of Serb municipalities and Peace Park in Kosovska Mitrovica" are talked about with the EU.

He also confirmed that he received an invitation to attend a ministerial conference in Brussels on May 18, adding he would "seek support for Serbia, and opening of (EU membership) negotiations chapters."

"A real offensive of Serbia is beginning, I will soon also go to Berlin, and in every way we are going to fight to open the chapters as soon as possible," said Vucic, addressing a news conference in Belgrade.

"Best in decade"

During the news conference, Aleksandar Vucic also said the current state of public finance is "best it has been in Serbia for a decade."

Vucic added that the IMF assessment was that Serbia would record the GDP growth of -1 percent, which was then adjusted to -0.5 peercent, "and then zero percent."

The prime minister said that he now expects that the GDP growth in August will amount to 0.5 percent, and 1 percent at the end of the year.

This success is “a small miracle”, Vucic said, adding that the growth has almost never been recorded during the period of implementation of the fiscal consolidation measures.

The prime minister underlined that in future the budget money will be spent more on infrastructure projects, adding that as early as in May, these investments will be dramatically increased paving the way for the creation of new jobs.


EC approves proposal to sign SAA with Kosovo

Head of the EU Office in Kosovo Samuel Zbogar says the adoption of the proposal to sign the SAA "is an important step in EU-Kosovo relations."

Politics Thursday, April 30, 2015 15:50 Comments: 3

President accuses media and ministers of "spin"

President Tomislav Nikolic has said that "some ministers in the Serbian government influence the media to write negatively or lie" about his activities.

Politics Wednesday, April 29, 2015 15:55 Comments: 3
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