Kosovo incidents stem from "nervousness on both sides"

Incidents in Kosovo on both sides of the Ibar River have in common "great nervousness," according to a Serbian government official, Milivoje Mihajlovic.

Source: Tanjug

In addition, said the head of the Media Office, "the Albanians are trying to obstruct the Brussels agreement and that it will be so as long as incidents end without investigations."

Mihajlovic told the state broadcaster RTS that "incidents that have occurred on both sides of the River Ibar" have in common "the great nervousness that has been lasting 15-16 years."

"Many incidents occurred in periods when there was a political crisis between Pristina and Belgrade, and there is nervousness among the Albanians who are trying to obstruct agreements that were reached in Brussels," said Mihajlovic.

He then added there was also "nervousness" among the Serbs, who lead difficult lives in isolation, "and not just those in Kosovska Mitrovica, but also Serbs in enclaves south of the Ibar."

Mihajlovic said that tension in Kosovo and Metohija is "a potential source of trouble, and this kind of incidents."

"As long as the situation is that incidents end without investigations and attacks on Serbs end by falling into oblivion, without finding attackers and punishing them and bringing them to justice, it will always be so," said Mihajlovic.


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