OSCE representative: No security without media freedom

There is no security without freedom of the media and expression, and there is no freedom of speech unless we live in a secure society, says Dunja Mijatovic.

Source: Tanjug

Many countries are passing laws in an effort to react to security threats, but those restrictions curtail media freedom, the OSCE reprsentative on freedom of the media noted at the opening of the “Strategic Communications in the Security Sector” conference in Belgrade on Wednesday.

The media are sometimes unprofessional and do not check all facts, but this must not be an excuse for governments to impose pressure on them, she said, underlining that “there is no excuse for violence against those who have a different opinion.”

The answer to the question as to what is allowed in the name of security can be found in international documents, in the respect of the principles of democracy, freedom and human rights, Mijatovic said.

German Ambassador to Serbia Heinz Wilhelm said that freedom of the media was not limitless, and it was hard to define where the limits were.

It is not enough just to say that there is no excuse for violence, but rather an answer has to be found to the issue of limits, and what constitutes a verbal attack on states, people or their beliefs, Wilhelm added, addressing the event organized by the German Marshall Fund.


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