"Baby had to be transported to larger medical center"

Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar says the VS helicopter that crashed was en route to Belgrade because a sick baby had to be treated in "a larger medical center."

Source: Tanjug

The baby from Novi Pazar in southwestern Serbia, and six crew members and doctors all died when the military helicopter crashed in Belgrade late on Friday.

Loncar told the state broadcaster RTS on Monday morning that "the responsible doctors" had asssessed there was not enough time to transport the baby who had a life-threatening condition using the road that goes via Kopaonik.

"Our job was to organize it, when the authorities agreed on where the landing would be, for a medical team and an ambulance to wait there. Whether it would be Nis, Kragujevac, or Belgrade, the decision depended on many factors. Their assessment was that the child, that was five days old and weighed three kilograms, was in a life-threatening condition and that had to receive help in a larger center with adequate conditions and staff to treat that type of disease," he said.

The military helicopter was dispatched after an ambulance transporting the infant was halted due to a landslide on the Ibar highway near Raska.

After the road was partially cleared, the ambulance, however, managed to drive through and reach the Raska military barracks where the helicopter had landed.

The Mi-17 crashed at 22:30 CET on Friday near Belgrade's Nikola Tesla International Airport, killing all seven people on board: the 4-man VS crew, two doctors from Novi Pazar, and the baby from the Ademovic family from Novi Pazar.


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