Blair's method "already yielding results" - PM

The forming of "expert teams" within the government, according to the "delivery unit" system, "has already given some results," says Aleksandar Vucic.

Source: Politika, Tanjug

"The formation of these teams has to do with the operation and delivering of results in certain spheres of social life. Already there is far greater responsibility present in certain ministries," the prime minister was quoted as telling the daily Politika.

According to him, "members of these teams have no political function."

"They will only work in my office and report to me on a daily basis, or at least once in two days, on how key projects that we have selected are advancing," said Vucic.

The newspaper writes that 15 people will work in five teams formed in the prime minister's cabinet.

The daily said it saw a document that revealed these are teams for direct investments, restructuring of large state systems, civil service reform, infrastructure, and agriculture.

Their task will be "to launch all the levers of the system" in order to implement, as soon as possible, most important national projects, the article said, adding that, in in addition to a director, each team will have two "employees" - a senior staff member and an analyst.

According to Politika's sources, "so far three teams have received directors." Thus Igor Loncarevic leads the infrastructure team, while Dragan Glamocic and Srdjan Kupresanin are in charge of agriculture and restructuring of state companies, respectively.

The work of all teams is coordinated by one person who reports to the prime minister on a daily basis, the paper said, adding that the same source denied media reports that this person will be "Tony Blair's man." The former British prime minister, who authored the "delivery unit" concept, was recently in Belgrade.

The daily also claims that the new way of working has already encountered "fierce resistance" within the government.

"Some suspect that the media attacks against such a pace of work have been ordered from the inside, by those whom it does not suit to report on a daily bases about the results, because it is clear that they will not be able to fulfill the tasks," writes the paper.


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