Parties in row over "consulting firms" hired by state

Deputies from the opposition DS party on Tuesday asked the government to provide information about hiring former British PM Tony Blair "and other consultants."

Source: Tanjug

On the other hand, the ruling SNS party wanted to know about the lobbying firms the DS hired abroad while they were in power.

SNS deputies noted that a U.S.-based lobbying agency owned by Sqip Osmani, an Albanan, was hired during that period.

"Was there a public procurement procedure, and if not, what were the recommendations of this agency for us to give it a million dollars belonging to the citizens of Serbia? If it's true this agency was hired, what were the effects for Serbia?," SNS MP Veroljub Arsic asked.

He also wondered about "the health condition" of those who decided to hire an Albanian to lobby in favor of Serbian interests.

DS MP Aleksandra Jerkov said it was necessary for the government to submit to parliament information about the hiring of Blair, and all other agencies, companies, legal and private entities that provided consulting services from 2012 until 2015,

Noting that most of her questions asked previously received no answer, Jerkov said the same was true when it comes to the consulting company hired by the government for the Serbia Invest gathering held in London last year.

The DS representative specified that her question today "concerned the period between 2012 and 2015," and stressed that she did not wish the answer to be about the period before 2012, "and carry the message, 'you were even worse'."

The Serbian parliament met on Tuesday at the start of the spring session.


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