PM: Serbia not taking sides in Ukraine

Aleksandar Vucic has said that Serbia is "not taking sides" in the Ukrainian crisis and instead advocates for a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the conflict.

Source: Tanjug

"We are not choosing sides, we have one country of Serbia and do not go to war for anybody, and we work only for Serbia," the prime minister was quoted as saying while in Slovenia on Friday.

He further pointed out that "a minimal number of citizens of Serbia" is participating in the clashes in Ukraine, that "this number can be counted on the fingers of two hands," and that "a bigger problem than it really is has been made out of it."

According to the prime minister, the problem has become "particularly insignificant" after Serbia adopted amendments to the Criminal Code that envisage penalties for those of its citizens taking part in wars abroad. He also noted that some other countries have had "a far greater number of fighters in Ukraine."

Speaking during a joint news conference with his Slovenian counterpart after a joint session of two governments, Vucic also said that Serbia as the chair of the OSCE cooperates with Switzerland and Germany, as past and future presiding countries, when it comes to the Ukraine crisis.

He stressed Serbia "respects territorial integrity" and also strives for a peaceful solution through diplomacy and negotiations.

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar congratulated Vucic on Serbia's OSCE presidency and expressed confidence that the country "will strive for peace and every solution through peaceful means."

Cerar, on his own behalf on on behalf of Vucic, welcomed "the calming of the situation in Ukraine," noting that both advocate for a peaceful and diplomatic solution and that in this respect his attitude and that of the Serbian prime minister are identical.


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