"Goal is to force Serbs to leave talks"

"The essential objective" of the latest developments in Kosovo is for Serbs to leave "the negotiations and local institutions," says Milivoje Mihajlovic.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

"Pristina does not want agreement. The aim of Albanian extremists is for Serbs leave the Kosovo government and for that to be an excuse to continue on the path they took so far," said the director of the Serbian Government Office of Media Relations.

Speaking about Friday's session of the UN Security Council, Mihajlovic said he expects "concrete moves by the UN, since they have the tools to press the government in Pristina to start meeting its obligations."

"The UN secretary-general in his report deals exclusively with the negotiations. He felt that it was necessary to emphasize the implementation of the agreements which have so far been achieved in Brussels, and in particular the establishment of a community of Serb municipalities and of a (war) crimes court," Mihajlovic told Serbia's public broadcaster RTS late on Thursday.

Commenting on the latest developments in Kosovo and Metohija, including the attempted takeover of Trepca and the removal of a Serb minister from the government, Mihajlovic said that among the various form of pressure on Belgrade "the biggest" was the protest in Pristina.

"The question of Trepca brought to the fore, the demolition of the (Serbian Orthodox) Church of Christ the Savior, the raising of the issue of war reparations... All these acts are not going toward reconciliation and solving of the conflict but towards creating new ones," he said.

Mihajlovic added that a lot of time passed since the last round of the dialogue in Brussels, that "international circumstances in the meantime changed as Ukraine is a hot topic," and that Albanians and their advisers "understand that this is the moment to press Serbia."

He added that Serb representatives will next week make a final decision on their further participation in Kosovo's institutions.


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