Serbia to receive "EUR 1.5bn from EU in next 7 years"

Serbia will have at its disposal EUR 1.5 billion from EU's IPA II funds over the the next seven years, says Jadranka Joksimovic.

Source: Tanjug

The minister without portfolio in charge of the EU integration stressed on Tuesday that "an innovation has been introduced" and that the EU funds "will no longer be used for particular projects, but for sectoral projects."

"The goal is to allocate funds for the projects deemed strategic and technically ready for financing," Joksimovic said the public hearing on managing funds from the IPA II at the Serbian parliament.

Serbia will participate in eight programs of cross-border and transnational cooperation in the next seven years, she added.

"Two preconditions are necessary for successful use of the funds - high-quality programming process, namely to define priorities and projects," the minister underlined, and added that Serbia came under criticism for not having a sufficient number of prepared technical programs and no administrative capacity for their implementation.

Joksimovic explained that Serbia will have about EUR 200 million annually at its disposal in the period from 2014 to 2020, and a novelty has been introduced that every country will be able to apply for additional funds as a kind of reward for the successful implementation of projects with the IPA II funds.

"Another novelty is that the IPA II will be fully based on the sectoral approach. This means that instead of financing individual projects, the funds will be directed at implementation of sectoral strategies," the minister said.

The Serbian government has pledged to fully harmonize its legislation with the EU by 2018, said Joksimovic.

Vladimir Marinkovic, deputy speaker of the Serbian parliament, said that the parliament will monitor spending of the funds from the IPA II.

“We will inspect whether these funds are being spent purposefully and whether the basic parameters of efficiency are met,” Marinkovic said.

The public hearing was attended by Nora Aliti, deputy chairperson of the Committee on European Affairs at the Macedonian parliament, Branislav Borenovic, chairman of the EU Integration Committee at the Serbian parliament, and Aleksandar Damjanovic, chairman of the EU Integration Committee at the Montenegrin parliament.


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