"Kosovo will soon have its army"

Agim Ceku, who heads the Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force in the outgoing government in Priština, has stated that "Kosovo will soon get its army ."

Source: Tanjug

According to him, "at one of the first sessions upon its constitution" the Kosovo assembly will adopt a decision to transform the Security Force into "the army of Kosovo."

In an interview published by the Priština-based Albanian-language daily Epoka e Re on Wednesday, Ceku said that the transformation was running behind schedule "because of the delay in the constitution of the Kosovo parliament."

Ceku expressed trust in the successful realization of the project because, as he said, this is a "national project" and bears considerable importance "for the country and its citizens'.

Ceku claims that the project also has widespread support ad powerful international allies, and added that he does not expect any problems and complaints from the lines of the opposition because all political parties support the transformation.

According to report, authorities in Priština on Wednesday "celebrate the Day of the Kosovo Security Force."


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