Rama salutes group displaying Greater Albania map

On his way back to Albania from southern Serbia, Albanian PM Edi Rama traveled through Kosovo where he stopped to salute a group carrying a Greater Albania map.

Source: B92, Tanjug

It was a banner - depicting Albania expanded to include parts of four neighboring countries - identical to the one flown on a drone over the pitch in Belgrade on October 14, causing incidents and abandonment of a Serbia vs. Albania football game.

The ethnic Albanians that carried the banner, whom Rama greeted near the Končulj administrative line crossing, were also, according to the RTS, shouting "Greater Albania".

A day earlier, Rama spoke for B92 TV in Belgrade to say that the expansionist Albanian project was "an obsolete myth."

Several hours before leaving Preševo in southern Serbia, he said Albanians were not "dreaming about a Greater Albania but about a Greater Europe that will include all Albanian territories."


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