Analysts see "conspiracy related to Putin's visit"

Political analyst Dragomir Anđelković says "the Albanian state and some EU centers of power" are behind an incident during the Serbia-Albania football game.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

Speaking for the public broadcaster RTS on Wednesday morning, Anđelković asserted that what happened in Belgrade was "no incident" - but was instead "systematically planned and carried out by those who do not wish (Vladimir) Putin to visit Belgrade, who do not wish to see a stable Serbia."

He also said it was an attempt at "polarizing the Serbian society, stoking the flames within Serbia itself, and an insult to the national pride."

Referring to a fan who hijacked a TV camera during the live broadcast from the stadium to deliver a rant against Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, this analyst said:

"Would, under normal circumstances, in some other country, somebody be able to thrust themselves into the camera several times and insult in that manner the prime minister himself?"

On the other hand, Anđelković continued, "nobody will call out Albanian politicians for this parade of chauvinism, from Tetovo, via Bujanovac, Kosovo and Metohija, to Albania."

He is also convinced that Thursday's military parade in Belgrade that will be attended by the Russian president will go without any problems, and that improving Serbia's relations with Russia "will contribute to better ties between Serbia and western countries."

Another political analyst, Branko Radun, spoke for TV Pink to say he, too,believed that the stadium incident was "arranged with the goal of sending a message to the authorities in Belgrade that chaos is possible if a military parade is organized with the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin," and described it as "an attack on Serbia."

Radum thinks that Albania alone is not behind the incident, but that there are "probably also some western power centers that wanted to create chaos ahead of Putin's arrival."

"This was an unheard of provocation aimed at destabilizing the situation in Serbia and dealing a blow to the authorities in Belgrade," he said.

Radun then noted that "some western centers resent very much that Serbia did not introduce sanctions against Russia," and are also, according to him, irritated by the military parade planned for Thursday that will be attended by Putin.

"It seems to me as if somebody is acting directly against Vučić and his family," said Radun.

This analyst believes that Serbia is "gaining in importance" with Putin's visit, and also by "the departure of a state delegation to Berlin" - where Radun thinks "Serbia is seen with different eyes only because it has good relations with Russia."


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