Kosovo office chief meets with liaison officer

Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija Director Marko Đurić on Wednesday conferred with Belgrade's liaison officer in Priština Dejan Pavićević.

Source: Tanjug

They met in Priština and talked about "projects of mutual interest for Serb and Albanian communities in the province," reported Tanjug.

During the meeting in the EU Office in Priština, Serbian officials discussed "ways of unifying economic potentials and, together with representatives of interim institutions in Kosovo, invest efforts in the realization of projects of mutual interest for all citizens."

After the meeting, Đurić told reporters that "talks should be conducted with representatives of Kosovo institutions concerning the problems of both Serbs and Albanians, noting that joint future without hatred needs to be built."

After the talks, Đurić and Pavićević visited the Church of Saint Nikola (Nicholas) and took a walk through the Priština downtown, the Serbian government Office for Kosovo said.

Đurić is the first Serbian official "to have a walk around Priština and dine at the restaurant in the downtown ever since the 1999 armed conflicts, when KFOR arrived in the province and the UN set up temporary administration in the area," according to Tanjug.

Đurić then visited the Serb enclave of Gračanica, near Priština.

During the talks with Grašanica Mayor Branimir Stojanović and a delegation of Serb entrepreneurs from central Kosovo, the Serbian official said that the government "will continue providing assistance in the economic development and production in Serb villages in Kosovo."


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