"Western countries did not expect these results"

The report of prosecutor Clint Williamson represents "a surprise to Western governments, which did not expected positive results," says Dick Marty.

Source: Tanjug

The former rapporteur of the Council of Europe (CoE) thus reacted to the statement issued by Williamson on Tuesday, and told the Swiss SRF radio that it represented "a pleasant surprise, because not many people expected such positive results."

Williamson heads an EU team set up to investigate allegations that members of the ethnic Albanian KLA kidnapped Serb and other civilians to illegally imprison them and sell their body parts in the international black market.

It was Marty's report filed in late 2010 that prompted the launch of the probe, which the U.S. prosecutor said on Tuesday did not uncover sufficient evidence.

"Williamson spoke about crimes against humanity, and he does not speak lightly, he knows what it means," Marty commented, adding that for this reason, "the report was of great importance."

"Evidence was difficult to present because witnesses have no confidence in the Kosovo judiciary and international courts, and there are reasons for that," the former Swiss senator said, explaining that witnesses were intimidated, threatened, and went missing in some cases.

Marty added that he shared the optimism of Williamson that evidence will also be found to prove that organ trafficking took place.

"He's talking about crimes against humanity, torture. I was not put the organ trafficking in the foreground. I talked about some cases, and Williamson came to the same result," Marty said.

He then stressed that "European governments and the U.S. government are today surprised because they did not expect Williamson come out with positive results."

He added that "three years ago, when the investigation began, it was not even considered to form a court to examine the allegations."

"It means that everyone was convinced that Williamson will find no confirmation of the Marty report. Today, the opposite happened and I think that, diplomatically speaking, they are in a difficult situation, because now a court must be formed. "

While Williamson did not mention any names, saying only that those involved in crimes were former senior officials of the KLA, "Marty is completely clear on who they are," said Tanjug in its report, quoting the SRF interview.

He also "expressed his hope that they will be brought to justice, because the citizens of Kosovo deserve that finally there are leaders with clean hands in the Kosovo politics."

"So far, the ties between high politics and organized crime have been so great that normal authorities could not be built, and the international community has great responsibility for this," concluded Marty.


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