Kosovo: Parties reject Self-Determination's demands

Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) leader Isa Mustafa says his party will not accept the conditions put forward by Albin Kurti's Self-Determination.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

The radical ethnic Albanian movement turned political party presented the conditions it expected potential partners to fulfill so that it would participate in Kosovo's new government, and in the election of a new assembly president.

Among them is "an end to negotiations with Serbia," and exclusion of Serb List members of the Kosovo assembly from a new government - despite what reports said were "clear constitutional and legal provisions and obligations."

Posting on Facebook on Tuesday, Mustafa said that "the LDK as the biggest subject did not put forward any conditions and does not wish to accept any conditions."

Since June 8, when PM Hashim Thaci's party won a majority of seats in the assembly, but has been unable to put together a coalition, Kosovo has been in a post-election deadlock.

Alliance for the Future of Kosovo leader Ramush Haradinaj spoke on Monday to say the document the Self-Determination sent to other parties "sent the process back to the beginning, even though the signing of a (coalition) agreement was expected."

Commenting on the Self-Determination demands, Haradinaj said that he, "as Kosovo's future prime minister," would not allow it to "isolate itself."

According to Priština's Albanian language media reports, "representatives of the United States and Germany" have come out against the participation of the Self-Determination in Kosovo's new government.

The Kohavision television outlet reported late on Tuesday that Haradinaj and Mustafa have been informed about this.


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