Police official "taking lie detector test"

Criminal Police Administration (UKP) chief Rodoljub Milović is on Wednesday taking a polygraph test, as announced by Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović.

Source: Tanjug

Stefanović added that he had formed a working group to investigate all allegations that Darko Šarić presented as part of his defense.

"You have seen that the police reacted immediately and I formed a working group to investigate all allegations of Šarić. This shows that we do not want to push anything under the rug and no one will be protected," said Stefanović.

He added that he expected the working group to investigate all the allegations "in the shortest possible term."

"The public will be informed of the results immediately after the investigation. What can I say is that UKP chief Rodoljub Milović will be subjected to a polygraph test today," said Stefanović.

Šarić on Monday named Milović as the person he previously referred to as "the corrupt police general Papaya (Papaya)" during his trial before the Special Court in Belgrade, where he stands accused of smuggling tons of cocaine from Latin America.

Former UKP chief Mile Novaković spoke for B92 TV on Wednesday and said it was "important to investigate who was on the payroll of Darko Šarić."

Results of polygraph tests are not admissible as evidence in Serbian courts.


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