PM: "Criminal failures" will be investigated

PM Aleksandar Vučić says the prosecution would initiate proceedings in cases where there were criminal offenses related to failures in the flood defense effort.


"The prosecutor will take measures and actions and where there is a criminal offense they will launch proceedings, and where there is none, they will not," Vučić told reporters in the town of Priboj, southwestern Serbia.

He made the statement when asked to comment on the questioning on Thursday of Obrenovac Mayor Miroslav Čučković.

There will be more such questionings , he remarked.

Vučić was quoted as saying that he was "ready for any other type of responsibility."

"I expected serious and fierce attacks and in the end - nothing, as usual," Vučić commented.

More interviews are being conducted by the Belgrade police about possible failures to alert residents of the flood-devastated Obrenovac in a timely manner, and about the introduction of a state of emergency, and behavior during that time.

Deputy Mayor of Obrenovac Dragoslav Mršević is giving his statement today, while Criminal Police chief Nebojša Marković told Tanjug that the head of the emergency situations department for the area of Obrenovac will also be questioned.

"Great day"

Aleksandar Vučić was in Priboj today for the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Serbian government and the Finnish SISU company, under which Priboj-based heavy commercial vehicles maker FAP should start producing trucks in September, with a contract to be signed by late August.

The document was inked on behalf of the Serbian government by Minister of Economy Dušan Vujovic and SISU owner-director Timo Korhonen.

According to Vučić this was "a great day for FAP employees, Priboj and Serbia."

He explained that the factory will hire at least 600 workers, adding that he expects it to do well.

The plant will produce parts and trucks for SISU Auto, one of the most renowned truck brands in Europe, said the prime minister.

"Better days are ahead for FAP, Priboj and Serbia," said Vučić, who added that finding a strategic partner for FAP took 12 years, and that he is proud of everyone who made that happen.

Vučić particularly thanked Finnish Ambassador Pekka Orpana for his involvement in the effort.

Korhonen said that he has visited Priboj three times over the past few months and that making the business plan involved much work.

Our objective is to sign the contract by the end of August, Korhonen said, adding that diligent and competent workers are the most important thing he has seen in Priboj, and that, with Finnish know-how, the factory could become a profitable business.

Visiting Priboj on October 31 last year after FAP workers had gone on a strike, Vučić announced that the factory will not be shut down, but truly restructured.

He also said that FAP is expected to become profitable by 2015.

FAP (Fabrika automobila Priboj), established six decades ago on October 30, 1953, is Serbia's sole producer of heavy commercial vehicles.


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