Obrenovac mayor says he "did everything"

President of the Obrenovac municipality Miroslav Čučković said, after giving a statement to the police, that he did "everything" during the floods.

Source: B92, Beta

"Nobody could do more," he told reporters.

"I was invited as a citizen to come to the police station and give a statement about the circumstances in Obrenovac before and after the disaster. The interview lasted several hours, because every moment was analyzed," Čučković told reporters on Thursday evening outside the Belgrade police HQ, after spending more than eight hours there.

He explained that he arrived at the police station before 9 a.m., and was there until 5:30 p.m. "explaining what happened."

"I believe that it is necessary to launch an investigation and establish facts so that similar things do not repeat anywhere else in Serbia," said Čučković.

He added that his task was "to return to Obrenovac and fix the problem with the sewer."

Asked whether "responsibility" was discussed during his interview at the police, Čučković said it was not, and that the he spoke "only about facts."

"Whoever knows me knows I never shift the blame on others," said Čučković.

The president of the Belgrade municipality hard-hit by the floods was criticized in the media for allegedly failing to act and warn residents to evacuate in time.


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