"Simpler guidelines" for damage assessment

Kori Udovički has said that so far a small number of municipalities in Serbia provided adequate assessments of flood damage.

Source: Beta

"Most municipalities submitted their flood damage assessments, but a smaller portion provided adequate assessments," the minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government told RTS.

Today is the deadline for local governments to provide estimates of flood damage.

Udovički noted that the methodology was "very complicated" and that it was therefore "unrealistic" to expect it to be applied in such a short time.

She added that new, simpler guidelines were now sent to those municipalities that have not yet submitted their assessments, or where it is estimated that the report was not adequate.

Udovički stated that repair works with the highest priority, such as on the energy system, are already underway, that infrastructure is next, and stressed that it was important that the main roads are passable so that aid can be sent where it is needed.


"Serbian leaders acted wisely and efficiently"

President Tomislav Nikolić expressed his gratitude to the Chinese people, stressing that Serbia highly appreciates the assistance in overcoming the floods.

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