SVM leader won't press charges over Budapest incident

Istvan Pasztor says he will not press charges over an attack against him in Budapest, but expects the Hungarian authorities to "do something" in that regard.

Source: Tanjug

The speaker of the assembly of the Serbian province of Vojvodina and leader of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) spoke on Wednesday for the Hungarian national broadcaster from the RTV Panon studio in Subotica.

Pasztor said that he was not scared during the incident on Tuesday, but instead tried to restrain himself "and not react as as human nature or instinct would have dictated in such a situation".

As RTV Panon published on its website, Pasztor said he was "shocked and surprised to see that at Lajos Kossuth Square, where a rally took place that could certainly be considered of high risk, there were no policemen that could defend him from the attackers."

Pasztor told Tanjug that after he left the Hungarian parliament on Tuesday, he was attacked by supporters of the Hungarian far-right party Jobbik who started pushing and spitting at him, calling him a traitor.

He said that he somehow managed to get through the crowd, noting that the biggest disappointment for him was that no one even tried to help him.

Jobbik condemned the incident on Wednesday, distancing itself from Tamas Gaudi-Nagy, named as the initiator of the attack, claiming that their former MP is not a member of the organization any more.

Speaking about the incident, Gaudi-Nagy said that Pasztor was "a traitor who deserved to be spat at," the Hungarian news agency (MTI) reported.

"Istvan Pasztor is lucky to have pulled out with this, as traitors are usually hanged on lamp posts," RTV Panon quoted Gaudi-Nagy as saying.

Gaudi-Nagy thinks that Pasztor is a traitor because he joined forces "with the Serbian Radicals who threaten the Hungarian national interests, and who expelled a majority of Hungarians from Vojvodina".

"So, this is the least that Pasztor could get, and that every traitor will get," he added.

The Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians is a member of the ruling majority formed in the Serbian parliament after the March elections.


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