Leader of Hungarian party assaulted in Budapest

Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) leader Istvan Pasztor was assaulted in Budapest on Monday, the provincial public broadcaster of Vojvodina RTV reported.

Source: Beta, RTV

Pasztor, who heads the party representing ethnic Hungarians in Serbia that participates in the parliamentary majority, was in the neighboring country to attend the inaugural session of the parliament there.

According to reports, he was crossing a square in Budapest when Tamas Gaudi Nagy, a former Hungarian MP from the ranks of the extreme right-wing Jobbik party, noticed him, and called him "a traitor."

On this cue, demonstrators who were also gathered on the square approached Pastor and started cursing and pushing him. Hungarian websites HVG and Origo are reporting that some of the assailants spat at him.

"The police came to the rescue of the SVM leader, and was forced to intervene," according to the RTV report.


"Serbian leaders acted wisely and efficiently"

President Tomislav Nikolić expressed his gratitude to the Chinese people, stressing that Serbia highly appreciates the assistance in overcoming the floods.

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