"Rectitude and ethics characterize Serbian soldiers"

President Tomislav Nikolić received on April 23, Serbian Army Day, with members of the Defense Ministry and the armed forces.

Izvor: Tanjug

He stated that rectitude, conscientiousness and ethics characterized the Serbian troops, and that he was proud of them.

"I belong to the Serbian Army today, while I used to belong to the Yugoslav Army and the Yugoslav People's Army, and I have always been proud to be included among those who wear the uniform of the country I was born in, I live in," Nikolić stated.

"I know that you put on the uniform because of your ancestors and that you wear it for your descendants - your ancestors gave you someone to look up to, while you want your descendants to remember you as honest, moral and conscientious people, which are characteristics of the Serbian soldiers, non-commissioned officers, officers and all the way up to generals," Nikolić said.

He told the troops they should be worthy of their ancestors who had worn the uniform with honor when deciding the fate of Serbia, Yugoslavia or whatever the name of the country the Serbian people had been creating at the time.

He finished his address with "long live Serbia," adding that these were the same words used by those who created the Serbian Army 199 years ago.

Chief of the General Staff Ljubiša Diković presented Nikolić with a gold plaque of the Serbian Army on behalf of all the members of the country's defense system.

"This is a new plaque the Ministry of defense and the Serbian Armed Forces have started to award and I am honoured to have you as the first recipient," Diković noted.

President of the International Consulting Committee - Organization of Reserve and Retired Officers Aleksandar Kansin presented Nikolić with their highest medal.

Nikolić also received an award from the Club of Admirals and Generals of Serbia.

The Serbian Armed Forces celebrate their day on April 23 in memory of the start of the Second Serbian Uprising in 1815, which was a turning point in the creation of the modern Serbian state and military.

The defense Ministry and the Armed Forces marked the date with a series of activities, with the central event attended by top officials of the government and military and a large number of citizens in Uzice on April 16.


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