"Not Serbia's fault it was victorious in wars"

President Tomislav Nikolić has said that "some" are engaged in a campaign aimed at blaming Serbia "for organizing the Sarajevo assassination."

Source: Tanjug

Nikolić was meeting with university students in Belgrade on Friday when he said that "some want to promote that Serbia organized the assassination," which was "the reason for the Great War."

"The Great War is over, but in some heads it id not finished well," Nikolić said and noted it was "not Serbia's fault that it won all the wars." In reference to the fact the country fought on the side of the Allies, he noted that Serbia was "on the side which it knew was right, without knowing it would win."

"I said that a week before Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia, the English and the French were already fighting against Germans in Africa. Which means they did not waited for an attack in Europe to wage war," he was quoted as saying.

The president then noted that a few months ago he attempted to, with an article in the Politika daily, "get the public interested and call on those who think alike to confirm it, and those who do not think like him to deny it." Nikolić said he regretted that one in Serbia "rose to the bait," as his move "did not resonate."

Nikolić stated that "a big campaign was under way with the aim to promote that Serbia organized the Sarajevo assassination," adding that in this regard he had "a great debte with presidents of Western European countries," singling out in this respect "representatives of France."

Noting that "history cannot be changed," the Serbian president said that those who are powerful enough, economically and technologically, need to commit to changing the future, and not to go to war and seize territory as some states did in the past, but to help other nations live better.

"We will have trouble all the time of the marking of the First World War, it is important that you know what the truth is, that you can be proud of your great-grandfathers and fellow students who responded to the call of the government and all went to war," he told the students, adding that "the young are now waging war for a better Serbia under different circumstances."

During his conversation with Director of the University Library Aleksandar Jerkov, Nikolić said that he was trying to convince scientists from Serbia to go to a conference in Sarajevo, "to avoid only one side being presented there."


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