"No pressure from West over Crimea crisis"

Tomislav Nikolić has said he "supposes" there had been no pressure from the West on Serbia to change its position on Russia "because of the Crimea crisis."

Source: Beta

"I suppose there has been no (pressure) because no one has discussed that topic with me," the Serbian president told reporters at the opening of works to modernize the Belgrade-Pančevo railroad.

Nikolić added that even if such conversations happened "they would not be too useful, because Serbia has its way."

"This way means that Serbia does not want to choose either side so as to jeopardize its relations with the other. Serbia does not divide the world into only two powers or two blocs. The world is large and diverse, and Serbia has friends everywhere. Let the big (countries) quarrel, and we must be developing," he was quoted as saying.

Asked by reporters about "Serbia's official stance on the Crimea crisis," Nikolić said that while he may have an opinion about it, the Serbian foreign policy was conducted by the government.

"We will have to have a legally elected government so that I can discuss this with the prime minister. There's nobody in Serbia now that could provide an official position that would be binding in any way," said Nikolić.

"By May"

Tomislav Nikolić said on Tuesday in Pančevo that he expects Serbia to get a new government by May, as important tasks lie ahead for the country.

Nikolić told reporters that, before naming a prime minister designate, he will wait for the new parliament to be formed so as to be able to hold discussions with representatives of parliamentary groups.

Nikolić said that the parliament must be formed first to elect the government, and that the government will subsequently create a policy that is to be approved by the parliament.

"I believe that those who are expecting specific answers from us could get them by May," Nikolić said, explaining that this also applies to Serbia's position "on the situation in Crimea."


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