Community of municipalities "to be discussed in Brussels"

Ivica Dačić says the formation of a community of Serb municipalities (ZSO) in Kosovo is yet to be addressed during the Belgrade-Priština dialogue in Brussels.

Source: Tanjug

Reacting to a statement by Kosovo's Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri that the charters that the four north Kosovo municipalities adopted on Wednesday evening are not in keeping with Kosovo laws, Dačić underscored that the issue of the statute is yet to be put on the agenda in Brussels.

"The next step in the dialogue with Priština will be the formation of the community of Serb municipalities, which means that the issue of statute is yet to be discussed. That is yet to be the topic of a top-level discussion. On the other hand, certain necessary preparations should be done, municipalities should make decisions concerning that," the prime minister said while touring Medveđa, southern Serbia.

This issue is essentially the most important part of the Brussels agreement for Serbia, he said.

The prime minister also commented on the announcements from Priština concerning the formation of a Kosovo army, saying that is not in line with UNSC Resolution 1244.

"We are requesting that the issue be discussed in a UNSC meeting. What is important is that in the Brussels agreement we agreed that any future armed forces, if they are formed, cannot come to the north of Kosovo without KFOR's or NATO's consent. That was the guarantee that we demanded until mutual trust is established," Dačić said.

He said that this will also be the topic of some future dialogue and underscored that Serbia demands that this be discussed by the UNSC and that international missions stay in Kosovo and Metohija until trust is established.


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