Dialogue with Priština to resume after elections

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić has said that the Brussels-based EU-mediated talks with Priština will resume after the March 16 elections.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

He added that a date for the continuation of these negotiations had not been specified yet, but that his government was "in daily contact with the EU."

"The Serbian government was looking for a possibility for an urgent session of the UN Security Council over the current situation in Kosovo and the formation of some sort of so-called Kosovo army," he said.

He told a press conference in the town of Čačak over the weekend that the recent arrest of Oliver Ivanović, a political leader of Serbs from northern Kosovo, was "harmful to Belgrade-Priština relations."

“Such a behavior towards Serbs is a violation of their human rights, and it is undermining the stability of the political situation in Kosovo and holding back the implementation of the Brussels agreement,” Dačić said.

Dačić said that "the first next meeting with the EU will be of a deeply political nature, so it could be seen whether everybody wants the situation to stabilize or if somebody is always trying to go one step forward, two steps back.”

He noted that "this is not about somebody being pardoned from their responsibility":

"We are asking that they (detained Serbs in Kosovo) be released pending trial, and are providing guarantees that they will be accessible to judicial organs."


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