19 political entities to run in March 16 elections

The Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) at midnight on Wednesday declared the collective list for parliamentary elections due to be held in Serbia on March 16.

Source: Tanjug

The list contains the names of 19 parties, coalitions, and groups of citizens, in the order in which their applications were confirmed.

All those who entered the race had until midnight to withdraw.

The ballot paper will have the SNS-led coalition listed at the top, followed by the coalition led by the SPS, and by the DSS.

The LDP-led coalition is next at number four, followed by the SVM, the SRS, and the URS.

Number eight will be the DS, followed by the Dveri Movement and the SDA Sandžak.

At 11 is the coalition around the NDS, followed by Third Serbia, the Montenegrin Party, and the National Communities List.

Saša Radulović's list, the RDS-SDS, the Patriotic Front, the Russian Party, and the Party for Democratic Action complete the list of 19 participants in these elections.

The sole party that submitted its bid but was rejected was "None of the Above Answers (NOPO)", as they failed to include the necessary documentation within the legal deadline.

Seven of the 19 lists represent minorities.

Out of the total of 3,020 candidates for the new parliament 36 percent are women.

There are 6,767,324 registered voters in Serbia, while 6,801,161 ballot papers will be printed - the difference between the two figures represents "backup ballots."


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