Election commission confirms 19 lists

The Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) has declared five more lists submitted by parties and coalitions as eligible to take part in the March 16 elections.

Source: Beta

According to this, a total of 19 lists will find their way to the ballot papers.

The lists that were declared on Tuesday did not meet all the requirements within the legal deadline - so the commission approved an extension of the deadline.

The newly confirmed lists include that led by former Economy Minister Saša Radulović, the Coalition of Citizens of all Nationalities and Peoples, the Patriotic Front Borislav Pelević, the Russian Party - Slobodan Nikolić, and the Party for Democratic Action - Riza Halimi.

The Russian Party - Slobodan Nikolić was entered as a minority list.

The deadline will expire at midnight on Wednesday for parties, coalitions, and groups of citizens to, if they wish, withdraw from the race. The official collective election list will be declared after this.


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