Poll gives Progressives big advantage in Belgrade

A new poll shows that the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) currently enjoys the support of 42.5 percent of voters when it comes to local elections in Belgrade.

Source: Tanjug

The Democratic Party (DS) can count on the votes of 17.4 percent of respondents, the Faktor Plus survey results suggested.

Apart from these two, other parties and coalitions that are likely to cross the threshold "do not enjoy a two-digit rating," said Tanjug in its report.

The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS), and the United Serbia (JS) coalition can count on 8.9 percent and seats in the Belgrade City Assembly.

According to the poll, the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) will win 6.8 percent of votes, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) 6.6 percent, and the New Democratic Party (NDS) headed by Boris Tadić 5.2 percent.

The survey, that included 875 respondents, was commissioned by the Belgrade-based daily Politika, and was carried out February 24-25.

As for the early parliamentary elections, which will also be held on March 16, the poll's results suggest that the SNS would win 44.6 percent, the SPS-PUPS-JS coalition 13 percent, the DS 9.1 percent, the NDS 8 percent, the DSS 6.9 percent, and the LDP would win 5.2 percent.

All other parties and coalitions will be left below the five-percent threshold and without any seats in the country's new parliament, according to this.


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