"Foreign documents on Đinđić murder available to Serbia"

Jelko Kacin claims that foreign documents on the political background of the assassination of Zoran Đinđić are available to the Serbian authorities.

Source: B92, Tanjug

If they make an effort, they could obtain them, the EP official said.

The Slovenian politician refused to clarify his statement given two days ago, that there was additional documentation abroad regarding the background of the assassination.

Rajko Danilović, the Đinđić family lawyer, said that some foreign agencies indeed have information that could help shed light on the political background of the assassination of then Serbia's prime minister in March 2003.

"What data Kacin has, I do not know, I cannot speculate, but there is no dispute that some foreign intelligence services have some knowledge that could perhaps be of use, so that we can finally put an end to the question of who is behind the assassination of Zoran Đinđić, politically," said Danilović.

He believes that it is not disputed that the assassination was "a par excellence political murder" and that the entire investigation should not be reduced to the direct perpetrators - a part of the Zemun clan and "the crypto-state organization, the Special Operations Unit." Instead, said this lawyer, the one who politically incited the murder should be looked for.

"Are there materials about it - there probably are. The investigation and the entire judicial process did not go in that direction. They went in the direction of discovering direct perpetrators and in that sense, the whole thing has been discussed, clarified and determined," he added.

Danilović believes that, regardless of which government is in office, it has an obligation to shed light on the political background of the assassination.

"There is no difference between the old and the new government. The government has a duty to bring the whole process to the end, if it can, and if it is well-intentioned it will of course cooperate with me and with those who worked on the case, as well as with anyone else who has an interest and knowledge in the case," said he.

European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin said two days ago that he was informed about "additional documentation outside of Serbia, related to the background of the assassination." He repeated this on Tuesday as well.

"I was absolutely clear the first time. At this point it should be noted that the documents on the political background of the assassination of Zoran Đinđić are available, and if the Serbian authorities make an effort they can get them. That's all I can say now. You do not need to look for everything in Serbia, there's something abroad as well," said Kacin.

Justice Minister Nikola Selaković "positively assessed the existence of any evidence in relation to the assassination of Prime Minister Đinđić," adding that he "learned about his new role of taking over the clarifying of the political background from the media."

"If there is any kind of document, new evidence, anything that can change the current course of pre-trial and investigative activities, and what the public knows about the murder of Zoran Đinđić - this is something which should come through international legal assistance if it is located in the region," he said during a break in a conference in Belgrade on Tuesday.

He also urged that the new evidence, if any, be submitted to the judicial authorities of Serbia, and, commenting on his "new role," said that "the fact he learned about it from the media does not mean he was running away from responsibility."

"On the contrary. Everything that is within my constitutional and legal responsibilities to shed light, not only on the assassination of the late prime minister, but also on other unsolved murders, will be high on the agenda of the Ministry of Justice in the future, if I'm in that position after the elections," said Selaković.


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