Democrats to run in coalition with smaller parties

The Democratic Party (DS) will run in the March 16 elections in a coalition with several small parties, DS leader Dragan Đilas has said.

Source: Tanjug

The leaders of the New Party, the Democratic Alliance of Croats of Vojvodina, Trade Union Association Sloga and the Rich Serbia party signed an agreement on forming an electoral coalition with the DS.

The list is named With the Democratic Party - For a democratic Serbia, and the members of the coalition pledged that they would not join a post-election government that includes the Serb Progressive Party (SNS).

"This is the only electoral coalition formed that is the real opposition and an alternative to the current government and everything that is symbolized by SNS leader Aleksandar Vučić as the leading figure of that government," Đilas said at a press conference.

New Party leader Zoran Živković warned the citizens that the elections will not decide the future of politicians, but their own, and that they have an opportunity to change things in the country for the better in a democratic and decent way.

Rich Serbia President Zaharije Trnavčević explained that he joined the DS-led electoral list because the Democrats' former leader Boris Tadic and his followers left with their "baggage full of failures" which resulted in the party's electoral defeat in May 2012.


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