DSS leader: Vote for Serbia and its freedom

DSS leader Vojislav Koštunica has called on citizens to vote for his party and Serbia's political neutrality in parliamentary elections scheduled for March 16.

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A vote for the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) is a vote for Serbia and its freedom, the former prime minister said on Thursday in Belgrade.

"We urge citizens to, together with us, change the government policy which relies solely and exclusively on the EU, and vote for political neutrality, because it means a vote for Serbia and Serbia's freedom," Koštunica said after the DSS handed over its list of candidates the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK). The list is entitled, "I know whom I trust."

Koštunica also called on the public to support the party's policy in favor of Serbia's political and economic neutrality, "because all of that together means redefining relations with the EU in accordance with state and economic interests of the country."

"Only in this way can Serbia and its citizens regain their political freedom, the country could freely develop its economy," he said.

The DSS leader also noted that the policy of the ruling Serb Progressive Party (SNS) was "unreservedly linked to the EU," which, he said, was the cause of the deep state, economic, moral and political crisis in the country.

The Republic Electoral Commission on Wednesday accepted the electoral list of the SPS-led coalition, and previously, the list submitted by the SNS was also approved.


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