LDP hopes to "take power of blackmail away from Dačić"

Čedomir Jovanović says his Liberal-Democrats (LDP) would take part in the March elections "in order to be ahead of the parties of Boris Tadić and Dragan Đilas."

Source: Tanjug

However, another motive is to "take away the power of blackmailing Serbia from Ivica Dačić," Jovanović revealed on Thursday.

"We are headed to elections to win. For us, a stronger result would mean victory, for us a chance to discuss the policy that we want seriously in the government is victory," he told TV Pink.

Jovanović asserted that his party "came out of each election stronger," and said they now "wish to defeat Dačić":

"We wish to receive more support than what he has, so that he will not be blackmailing Serbia, considering that is the only thing he does well."

"He (Dačić) tricked Koštunica, he tricked Tadić, now he'd like to trick the whole country. I wish that we take away that power of blackmail that put him in a position where he, instead of residents of Belgrade, appoints the mayor," the LDP leader said, and added:

"After that, with the result we have, the question arises who will be ready to affirm this policy together with us."


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