"Brussels agreement example for ending conflicts in region"

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says the Brussels agreement is a demonstration of how conflicts in that part of the world could be settled.

Source: Tanjug

The EU has never asked Serbia to recognize Kosovo's independence, he also told the CorD Magazine.

He does not think the EU can collectively ask Serbia to recognize Kosovo since 5 countries of the EU have not recognized it. The EU does, however, insist on Belgrade and Priština establishing normal relations to everyone's benefit, he added.

Several Serbian politicians from different factions showed great courage and commitment between the fall of Milošević and the start of the accession negotiations with the EU, Bildt stated.

According to the Swedish official, the EU enlargement policy confirms that it is a successful policy, which is a source of peace, stability and prosperity.

The Balkans has progressed greatly in the past year, mostly with Croatia's accession into the EU, but the start of the talks with Serbia could also serve as a good example for this claim, he noted.

Former high representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina said that the unfortunate condition that country was in was the result of its political leaders' inability to conduct much needed reforms.

He is convinced the Western Balkans will remain a priority region regardless of who becomes the EU high representative for foreign affairs.

The EU's credibility depends on its ability to ensure safety and stability in its own neighborhood, Bildt stressed.

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