Screenings continue in Brussels

The Serbian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy has announced that a meeting on Chapter 2, concerning free movement of workers, will be held in Brussels.

Source: B92, Tanjug

It is part of the screening process that takes place within the initial phase of the negotiations on the accession of Serbia to the EU - the analytic review and assessment of compliance of Serbian regulations with the EU acquis.

The ministry, which is responsible for directing and coordinating the work of that working subgroup, said that representatives of the European Commission would introduce EU legislation relevant to the negotiation chapter - "and that, above all, includes all directives regulating free access to the labor market, regulations to implement coordination of the social security system, and health protection of the population."

The statement added that the information provided at the meeting would serve as a basis for preparation of the Serbian delegation for bilateral meeting for this chapter, when the national legislation will be presented, while the EC will be informed about the plan to harmonize domestic legislation with the EU.

Head of this negotiating subgroup is State Secretary Zoran Martinović, and his deputy assistant minister Zoran Milošević.

Yesterday, screening on Chapter 35 was held in Brussels.


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