"Stable, strong Serbia top national interest of RS"

RS President Milorad Dodik says a stable and economically strong Serbia as an integral part of Europe constitutes the entity's "highest national interest."

Izvor: Tanjug

Only such a Serbia can ensure a sufficiently comfortable position for the RS which is also striving to accomplish its goals in terms of European integration, Dodik said after the talks with Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić.

“Serbia and the RS share the same goals,” Dodik said at a joint press conference and underscored that this stand is not contrary to the Dayton agreement nor is aimed against anyone.

“There is a need to assert the natural state of Serbia as the strongest and most powerful country in the region. Some do not like this,” he said.

“Serbia needs to have the strongest role and it is only natural for it to be in charge of European security and economic processes,” Dodik said and underscored that Serbia has his full support in this context.

“We want Serbia to grow even more powerful and strong,” he said and added that this cannot be achieved overnight as it requires time and patience.

During the meeting in Belgrade, officials agreed that Serbia and the RS should mark the anniversary of World War I together.

On this occasion, Dodik said that Serbia was shamelessly attacked in WWI and any other interpretation is not correct, adding that he is pleased by the agreement according to which Belgrade and East Sarajevo will build the same monument honoring Gavrilo Princip.

The RS president said that the talks also covered major issues in infrastructure, economy and opening of new jobs.

“I am grateful as the president of the RS for the news that companies and individuals from the RS have equal chances of participation in important projects which will be implemented outside Serbia as well,” Dodik said.

“We also discussed some issues that are not open for the public and are connected to the welfare and capital goals, such as stability, peace, cooperation and European integration,” he said.

Dodik concluded that RS remains committed to supporting the policy advocated by the Belgrade government and European integration, adding that the RS wishes to be more visible in the processes than it is today.

"Joint projects"

Representatives of the RS and Serbia discussed joint economic projects on Monday and the joint marking of 100th anniversary of World War I, Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić stated.

As the guarantor of the Dayton Treaty, Serbia remains firm in its stand concerning respect of the agreement and it supports the RS while at the same time respecting and protecting the points accepted by all three nations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Vučić told reporters after the talks with RS President Milorad Dodik.

“We want to preserve this legacy and for peace to be guaranteed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, while respecting its integrity at the same time,” Vučić said.

He noted that the Monday talks between the two delegations covered mutual relations and the ways to open more jobs. An agreement was also reached on joint engagement in a number of projects in Serbia, Vučić said.

Serbia and the RS will set up a joint organization board to mark the 100th anniversary of World War I, Vučić noted.

“This will be an important anniversary and an important date for the country and Serbia will present and protect its tradition of liberation struggles and will not allow anyone to change historical records and portray events in a different manner than listed in historical facts,” the deputy prime minister said.


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