"Formation of municipalities should be status-neutral"

At a meeting in Brussels Belgrade will insist that municipal assemblies in northern Kosovo are constituted "in keeping with the principle of status neutrality."

Source: Tanjug, Večernje novosti

This is according to Belgrade's liaison officer in Priština Dejan Pavićević, who spoke ahead of the meeting on Thursday between officials of the EU, Belgrade's steering team and Priština's delegation.

Asked "whether it is possible to implement status neutrality in the north bearing in mind that a repeated constitutive session in Gračanica was held according to Priština's rules," Pavićević told the Belgrade-based daily Večernje Novosti that the municipality of Gračanica, which operates in accordance with the Kosovo system, "has existed earlier as well."

“However, the elections in the north of the province were held in a different way that is for the first time according to a new system, so the election cycle has to be implemented to the end in a status neutral manner,” Pavićević said.

The post-election complications arose when the authorities in Priština that is the Ministry of Local Government Administration requested that the invitations for the constitutive sessions of the municipal assemblies should bear the logo of "the Republic of Kosovo" and the symbol of the government of Kosovo.

Asked whether there is a deadline for the formation of the local authorities and what will happen if it is not met, Pavićević said that there is a time frame of 45 days which refers to the date of the repeated elections at certain polling stations.

The time frame is divided into three periods of 15 days each, Pavićević said.

“In the first 15 days, the session is called by the mayor, in the second by the oldest member of the assembly, while in the final 15 days the session is convened on the request of the majority of the assembly members,” Pavićević said.


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