"Serbia wants peace but won't forget people"

Aleksandar Vučić stated in Gračanica on Tuesday that his message to ethnic Albanians is that Serbs want peace, negotiations and talks.

Source: Tanjug

Serbia will never forget its people, especially not the citizens in Kosovo and Metohija, said the deputy prime minister who was in the Orthodox monastery near the Serb enclave in Kosovo on Christmas Day.

Addressing the citizens after the liturgy service, Vučić said that the position of Serbs is not an easy and quoted the example of recent incidents involving destruction of Cyrillic plates in Vukovar and the stoning of Serbs in Đakovica on Monday.

He said that Serbia is reacting with peace and restraint "not because it is weak but because it is strong."

Serbia wishes to reinforce its position in the world and to strengthen its economy so as to ensure prosperity, he said.

Vučić said that Serbia wants to build good relations with everyone and reiterated that Serbia is neither small nor weak and should not be underestimated, adding that Serbia will never forget or abandon its people, especially not its citizens in Kosovo and Metohija.

He noted that unlike others, Serbia is not threatening anyone and it needs peace, welfare and new jobs, which will be the topic of talks with the clergy and Serb heads in Kosovo and Metohija on Tuesday.

The talks will also cover the finalization of construction works at the local hospital and opening the department of the Faculty of Agriculture in Gračanica, as well as the opening of new plants and jobs in other municipalities.

"We will always help our people, but also saying that the best things is to do everything in peace - to have good relations with their Albanian neighbors," said he.

Vučić added that "we will not send you any messages conflict."

"We are people who think about the future of the whole of our country, about economic prosperity, and not to flex our muscles with somebody - we did enough of this in the past," said Vučić.


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