PM insists early elections "not priority"

Serbian Prime Minister and Socialist Party (SPS) leader Ivica Dačić has reiterated that he does not see early elections as a priority.

Source: Tanjug

The last word on that subject should be had by the parties in power, and not the government, he commented on Friday, while touring the Batrovci border crossing.

"I'm not talking about this alone. I spoke with (Aleksandar) Vučić, and if he wants to go to the polls, let's go to the polls, but - do we want to work, or wait for elections? The Serbian government works and should be dedicated to work. Elections are not a topic, it is not a state priority," said Dačić, and added that the government has "big work to do as early as next week."

According to him, the government has made a historic result - January 21 will be the start of negotiations on EU membership, the dialogue in Brussels continues, "and it is taking place almost every month so it is necessary to be devoted to work."

"Also, different state priorities could be determined. There is no dilemma there, nor any need for a public debate. This should be decided by the parties in the ruling coalition, and I do not want to deal with the issue any longer. It is not the central issue, it is not a matter for the government, but for the parties that make up the government," the news agencies quoted Dačić as saying.

Asked to comment on a remark made by President Tomislav Nikolić, that Serbia could have a better government and that the prime minister should come from the largest party - the SNS - Dačić, who heads the SPS, said:

"That's not what he was saying when the government was formed. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Maybe I have an opinion about others who perform other state functions. Maybe I think they can do better."

Asked whether the government indeed could perform better, he said that "in Serbia, anyone can do better, and even the government."

"If someone can do better, let them go ahead. We've made historic progress," the prime minister said.


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