Parts of Law on BIA ruled unconstitutional

The Serbian Constitutional Court has declared unconstitutional three provisions of the Law on the Security Information Agency (BIA).

Source: Tanjug

They concern eavesdropping and inviolability of confidentiality of letters.

The Court left a four-month deadline for the legislator to adjust the controversial points with the Constitution.

The decision states that the Constitutional Court established that the provision of Article 13 on the Law on BIA, which defines exceptions to the principle of inviolability of confidentiality of letters and other communication mediums, is not in keeping with the Constitution because it was not formulated with sufficient clarity and point of reference.

“Regardless of the fact that BIA is performing tasks which entail a high degree of confidentiality, the Constitutional Court believes that provisions of the Law defining the manner of the Agency's operation have to be foreseeable to the degree reasonable in the given circumstances,” states the decision posted on the Court's website.

In its decision, the Constitutional Court qualified as insufficiently specific, precise or determinable the provision which defines the individuals whose rights guaranteed in the Constitution are limited and the measures whereby this is achieved.

Having in mind the legal ramifications of annulment of disputed provisions of the Law on BIA which will enter into force after the publications of the decision, the Constitutional Court delayed its release in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia for four months so that the legislator may have a chance to adjust the controversial points to the Constitution in the said period.

Some time prior to this, the Constitutional Court declared as unconstitutional a similar article in the case of Military Security Agency and Military Intelligence Agency.


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