Serbia "opposed to any changes to Dayton agreement"

Serbia, as a signatory of the Dayton Agreement, is interested in progress in both political entities of Bosnia-Herzegovina and cooperation in general interest.

Source: Tanjug

But Serbia at the same time opposes any changes to the agreement, because it would undermine the country's stability, President Tomislav Nikolić and visiting member of the Bosnian Presidency Nebojša Radmanović stated in Belgrade on Friday.

It is necessary to first establish the best possible economic cooperation in the region, because it is obvious the Balkan countries can face the challenges of the global market much better when they stand together, the two officials agreed, according to a release from Nikolić's press service.

It in is the interest of all our people to work together and create a product that would be competitive on the global market, Nikolić and Radmanović noted.

Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are bound together by their shared past, present and future, the two pointed out.

"Things need to be built from a solid foundation and it would therefore be very dangerous to change the Dayton Agreement in a way that would reduce the rights of any political entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina," the two officials remarked.

Also in Belgrade on Friday, the president held a separate meeting with high international representative in Bosnia, Valentin Inzko.


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