Government "annuls all acts" related to winery sale

The government has told the Ministry of Economy and to the Privatization Agency to annul all acts and activities in the property sale of Vršački Vinogradi.

Source: B92, Tanjug

According to the Office for Cooperation with the Media, the government reviewed a report on the activities of the Privatization Agency in the controversial privatization, and found that it lists violations of the Privatization Law and the decree on the process and modes of restructuring of the company.

The government issued instructions for the Ministry of Economy and the Privatization Agency to implement the measures to remove the identified irregularities, annul all acts and actions, prevent potential damage and launch proceedings for establishment of responsibility.

PM Ivica Dačić told Tanjug that the police were sent the report of the Council for the Fight Against Corruption that concerns Vršački Vinogradi (Vršac Vineyards) and that it contained serious remarks "that require to be urgently checked."

He added that the report indicates that both the company and the state suffered damages in the privatization.

Economy Minister Saša Radulović previously told B92 that criminal charges had been filed over "the disgraceful privatization of Vinogradi," but did not wish to reveal against whom.

He also said that the tender called to sell the company offered unequal conditions to those who applied, but would not say who was responsible.

Former Minister of Finance and Economy Mlađan Dinkić reacted on Wednesday to state he "did not believe he was included" in the criminal complaint related to the case.

The Serbian government on Wednesday also adopted a program of measures for loan support to business association Autosaobraćaj AD Kragujevac which is currently in restructuring process, and the implementation of the document will create the conditions for solving the crisis situation in the company.

The government issued instructions for the company to file all relevant information about the company to the Ministry of Economy by December 10, and to also submit the property assessment and draft social program.

The government adopted the draft law on import and export of weapons and military equipment which has been adjusted to the new EU regulations and procedures and international conventions and agreements which will ensure better control in the area.


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