"Next agreement in Brussels should concern property"

Aleksandar Vulin has stated that the next agreement in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue in Brussels "needs to be the agreement on property," Tanjug reported.

Source: Tanjug

After the adoption of this document, the agreement should be achieved on cultural heritage and the position of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and Metohija, the minister without portfolio said in Kosovska Mitrovica and noted that "these are matters which have an impact on the life of Serbs in the province."

He underscored that the recently signed agreement on energy assigns the issue of ownership over the artificial Lake Gazivode and electric power station Valač in the northern part of the province as one of the topics in the talks on the agreement on property.

He underscored that "Serbia cannot recognize privatizations conducted without Serbs" and that this is why an agreement on property needs to be achieved.

“Privatization cannot be carried out mono-ethnically as it was carried out in Kosovo and Metohija,” Vulin said.

Reflecting on the issue of the Mining, Metallurgical and Chemical Combine Trepča, Vulin noted that the combine needs to be discussed in terms of economic not just political categories so that it would be seen made investments in Trepca and what the company's debts are, "because there can be no privatization."

Vulin said that the Serbian Development Fund is the majority owner of Trečca, and that it will "remain so."

Trepća's biggest debtors are companies from Serbia and nobody should believe the company's claims will be forgotten, he said.

The Kosovo Privatization Agency announced that it will offer Trepč for sale as the mine contains valuable reserves of lead, zinc, silver, gold, indium, and rare metals.


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