Serbia, EU could hold intergovernmental conference "soon"

Branko Ružić says "it was possible, and there was huge support" for the first intergovernmental conference between Serbia and the EUto be held on December 20.

Source: Beta

The minister without portfolio in charge of EU integration told journalists in the Serbian parliament on Thursday that he was "sure that the epilogue of the negotiating framework, to be known on December 20, would be positive for Serbia's road to Europe," Beta reported.

"The final deadline for holding the first intergovernmental conference is the end of January. We expect the negotiating framework to be the way we need it to be - a reflection of the needs of Serbia and its citizens on the road to European integration. Whether the intergovernmental conference will follow after on December 20 or 21, I think at the moment it is too early to go into such hypotheses," Ružić was quoted as saying by the news agency.

"I am convinced that we are very close and if it does not happen on December 20 we should not see it as something tragic. I believe that it would be significant if it were to happen on December 20, so we practically end the calendar year having taken a huge step," said Ružić.


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